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Top 10 Best Items to Buy for a New Baby

If you are a first time mother or a mother to be then you must be feeling a little bit overwhelmed by all the “ultimate baby products” out there. Infant goodies are quite expensive, therefore, prior to going to your shopping spree, you ought to consider getting the following items to make your baby’s life awesome and comfortable. For a site devoted to the best baby products visit this link.

Baby Gear Essentials:

1. A Toddler Car Seat – Keeps the baby safe when driving.
2. A Nursery Glider or a Rocking Chair – Essential for make the most of mom-baby bonding time.
3. Infant Health Book – This is important as it spells actions to be taken in case of a health issue.
4. A Sound and Movement Monitor – this enables you to move around the house while still be able to monitor baby’s whereabouts.
5. Infant Sleeping Bags – Perfect solution for cold moments.
6. A Baby Swing – They are good for soothing a fussy baby
7. Nursing Pillow – this elevates baby to the precise feeding position, thus eliminating neck and back ache and averting sore nipples.
8. Burping Cloths – they are indispensable and it keeps mom’s shoulders clean and can be used to wipe up spills.
9. A Baby Sling or Pouch – this keeps your baby close to you while the mother is getting a few things done around the house.</p>
10. A Wheat Bag – warmth of a wheat soothes, relaxes and gives comfort to the baby.


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